Humanity has been facing a health crisis, so far unmatched by anything in history. We may have read about the plagues and the cases of flu of the earlier centuries, but the COVID-19 is a virus that has left everyone on the planet fearing for their health.

Thankfully, we are not in the Dark Ages anymore. We are not at the complete mercy of Nature; we have more control over our immune systems and our healthcare. We have centuries of wisdom and knowledge coupled with new-age medications that can increase immunity.

This article will acquaint you on how to increase immunity in lockdown, given that many of us are quarantining by choice or are living in areas under lockdown. So, try to forget what you cannot control (the virus), and what you CAN (your efforts to improve immunity), and join the world as it fights the virus.

Tips to increase immunity

When you wonder, “how to increase immunity”, the answer is not one simple strategy. It is a holistic mix of nutrition, exercise, lifestyle changes, and mental healthcare. Let’s take a more detailed look at these tips to increase immunity, starting with diet changes:

Now that you know how to increase immunity using home remedies in terms of foods, let’s take a look at some lifestyle changes you can incorporate to boost your immunity.

You are up to speed on how to take care of your body to naturally boost immunity. Next, we consider the often-overlooked part of our lives that also influences our immunity- our mind and mental health. When you are hopeful, engaged, and leading a meaningful life, you are less stressed. This helps preserve your immunity and regulates your nervous system’s response to stressors such as infections. Let’s see what you can do for your mental health, despite the limitations imposed by the lockdown.

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